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Gage Calibration

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Calibration Equipment
Calibration Equipment
Calibration Equipment
Calibration Equipment
Calibration Equipment
Calibration Equipment

IBB Technology of America, Inc. located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin contains an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. Specializing in dimensional calibration, IBB Technology's state-of-the-art line of calibration equipment is utilized in an environmentally controlled lab offering accuracy that is second to none. Temperature, humidity and dust controls are maintained within the lab to provide for stable measurements on your gages.

Measurement technology and application of metrology principles is our business. IBB Technology custom designs / builds calibration equipment and production measurement equipment. This knowledge gives us a much broader understanding of accuracy and how to achieve it.


  • Gage Blocks
  • Thread Plugs & Rings
  • Cylindrical Plugs & Rings
  • Pin Gages
  • Tapered Gages
  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Height Gages
  • Dial & Test Indicators
  • Steel Rules & Tape Measures
  • Length Standards
  • Setting Discs
  • Durometers
  • Levels
  • Snap Gages
  • Radius & Fillet Gages
  • Bore Gages
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Surface Roughness Standards
  • Gage Balls
  • Power Supplies
  • Hypot Testers
  • Thread Wires
  • Force & Pressure Gages
  • Mulitmeters
  • Ohm Meters
  • Optical Comparators
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Squares
  • Surface Plates
  • Hardness Testers
  • Tachometers
  • Temperature Gages
  • Refractometers
  • Glossmeters
  • ...and more!

Others may claim to have the best equipment available or the biggest laboratories but ultimately, it is what's inside the lab that makes the difference. For example, the IBB Twin-Check® is our linear length measurement system that offers laser technology resulting in an accuracy of less than 15 um + U2000 across the entire range of the device. We also have a patented system for monitoring the environmental conditions and making adjustments, if necessary, so that we are always measuring gages under the same conditions. A gage temperature sensor can also be applied to the piece being measured so that we monitor its temperature and provide results exactly at 68° F. Our other equipment Nano-Check® for gage blocks, Twinner® for length and diameter plus much more are equally as advanced giving our laboratory features that others don't have.

Our mission is to be the singular leader in providing calibration services to our customers. We are committed to being the best for each of the services we provide to our customers.

Our management team has many years of experience within the field of quality and metrology. As President, I have had much experience as a Quality Manager. I personally understand what it is like to be in the customer's position when dealing with all kinds of calibration issues from accuracy of the reports, test methodology, delivery and service. This unique perspective will help us to achieve our goals of high service excellence.

Dave Felton - President, IBB Technology of America, Inc.

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